Can i buy shares in Uber?


Are you interested in buying a share in uber?

First of all, let’s take a closer look at Uber. Uber is a major tech company that has millions of users and generates revenue worth of billions each year. Uber is a platform where people from around the world can share their vehicle and use them to drive passengers around the city. Due to this fact, Uber is not favorited among taxi companies and taxi drivers.

Uber is still considered a startup company and therefore is not a profitable company at this time.

Unfortunately, Uber is currently (at the time of writing this post) not listed on any exchange, what effectively means that you cannot buy Uber shares or stock. So in short, if you are wondering “can i buy shares in uber” the answer is no. Currently, Uber is not selling stocks / shares, however the company receives money / donations from private investors.

Uber service; via

Uber is currently worth over $60 billion as a private company, and launching their stock would be a major event.

Uber information

Founded: March 2009, San Francisco, California, United States
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
Number of employees: More than 12,000
Executives: Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO), MORE
Subsidiaries: UberEATS, Otto, Xchange Leasing, Llc, Rasier LLC, MORE
Founders: Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp
Revenue (2016): 6.5 billion USD

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