How do I buy Bitcoin stock?


A lot of people who invested in Bitcoin are already smiling to the bank. An investment of $100 in 2011 is worth $3,773,758.93 as at the time of writing this post. But even though a lot has changed, people are still buying and making profits from Bitcoin. So if you still have the interest to buy, then continue reading.

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If you are an investor based in the USA, you can buy Bitcoin from Coinbase – a digital currency wallet established in San Francisco, California, founded in 2012. Customers and merchants can purchase and trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies on this platform. The transaction is easy for USA investors using Coinbase because they can link their Coinbase wallet to their bank account.

Local Bitcoins

Investors can also buy from Local Bitcoins. The company does not sell directly to interested buyers but provide a platform where buyers and sellers can do business successfully. The Bitcoins are usually locked in the escrow from the seller during the transaction. But the seller has permission to release to the buyer but cannot take it back from the escrow.


BitStamps is similar to Local Bitcoins. The platform links up interested buyers to sellers who have Bitcoin to sell. The company only acts as a middleman to ensure the transaction is smooth.


These are the three ways you can buy Bitcoin as at the time of writing this post. You can buy from any of the platforms but remember to do your homework before trading on any platform – knowledge they say is power.

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