Tips on How to Deal With Stressful Situations While Filing Insurance Claims


The markets of intangible services basically include life, health, automobiles, property, and various other types of insurances. If you choose the best insurance plans by considering them judiciously and wisely, you stand to get a lot of relief in your bad times.

So what happens if you face any kind of disputes while filing your insurance claims? Since more and more insurance dispute cases are being seen these days, there are chances of you coming across such a situation too.

During such situation, the insurance company might settle the claim by offering low value against the worth of the damage, or they might even decide not to cover your losses.

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Here are few tips to tackle such situations logically

The truth is that you can never recover the entire loss suffered by you from your insurance company, even if you are a regular premium payer. Moreover, not all the claims are accepted by insurance provider, and some are denied even if they are legitimate. Do not expect any kind of undue mercy from them. Rather they might try to take advantage of your situation. Insurance companies might get on your nerves when you will file for the claims.

Insurance claims are filed when a person is subjected to some kind of trauma and distress. Such losses or setbacks downfall could break anyone down at least for few days. So it is always advised to take help of your spouse, family member, or friends while negotiating the claims. It is because the insurance companies will have an advantage over the accident victims. After seeing the victim’s state of mind, they will try to up their profit margins by paying off low settlement price. Generally the sufferer tends to accept such amount, since they will not be in a clear state of mind.

It is always better to either hire a lawyer or let your dear ones decide for you after they calculate and assess your real losses. They will be in a better position to figure out the amount you actually deserve to get from your Insurance provider.

If you sense that the settlement amount they are offering is too low than what it is worth, try to seek help. You can firstly refuse to accept, and ask for a higher amount politely. If they refuse to this, then file a written complaint to the company’s dispute division. If they still do not help you on time, then you must escalate the case to the company’s higher authorities.

If your discussion with the company does not prove to be of any help to you, then you can take assistance from an expert lawyer, or from external dispute settling unions. You will need help from a competent lawyer with expert negotiation skills and the one who is well versed with insurance laws. Such a person can efficiently help your from incurring huge losses.

Tips to get the dispute settlement in your favour

are the following:

  • Read the policy, terms, conditions, and the contract carefully while buying an insurance coverage. Moreover, read it thoroughly to know what exactly you can claim for.
  • Try to ask for the claim amount which shows as a justifiable sum. You may even hire a reliable third party to assess the correct amount of the damage or loss of your property, vehicle etc
  • Paperwork for your appeal should be filled correctly, while strictly meeting the stipulated guidelines set by the insurance company. Also save their duplicate copies with you.
  • Collect evidence of the claim. Maintain account of the eye witnesses, photographs of the damaged material or property loss, or the death certificate if you are claiming a life insurance, etc.
  • If you do not wish to hire a lawyer, then at least consult and seek advice from a solicitor who knows all about handling claims.
  • Do not accept or sign on any settlement cheque beforehand. It could weaken the chances of your raising your dispute, and getting it solved in your favour.
  • Maintain all the records of your mails, conversation, and any communication you have with the insurance company.


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