Creative Ways To Make Money Blogging


Blogging is easy, everyone can do it (given than you know how to write). For quite some time now blogging is also free for everyone (in older days you had to buy a domain name and server space but those days are passed).

You can apply for a free blog on services like WordPress, Blogger etc. You will get your own personal web-space where you can write posts and upload images of your own.

If you write interesting content you can make money from your blog. How? Well the readers that are going to visit and read on your blogs can be monetized.

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Read on about creative ways to make money from your blog online.

Any blogger knows that a well-written blog updated regularly can be a money-maker. Most know this is usually done through ads placed on your blog, but there are many other ways to make money with your blog that don’t involve cluttering up your content with banners or using logbook loans and sidebars.

1. Sell your content

If you have informative, valuable content on your blogs, then people will want access to it and read it. Even if they can find it on your blog for free, many consumers are willing to pay a little extra for the convenience of getting everything in one package.

This package may be an e-book of your posts or even tutorials and seminars, but it should be worth whatever you decide to charge for it. As an added incentive to buy, include a few extras that visitors can’t get on your blog for free.

2. Sell your services

Whatever your blog is about, if you’ve been recognized as a well-informed member of an industry with a good readership, you can make money by selling yourself.

If you blog about computers or software, advertise your services as a trouble-shooter. Even if you just have a great blog with lots a readers and high search engine rankings, you can offer consultation services for new bloggers who want to build a readership.

3. Become an Amazon Associate

Any blogger can be an Amazon Associate just by advertising Amazon products in exchange for a commission on anything sold through your ads. You can advertise the old-fashioned way with banners or text links, but there’s also the option to add various Amazon widgets to your blog.

For bloggers who are fine with making money from ads, this is a different option that may net you more money over the long haul, as is a well-known and trusted site.

4. Apply for Adsense

Google Adsense program is a gold mine if you are able to attract visitors. It pays really well and has been a main source of income for many bloggers for many years now.

The way Adsense works is the following. Blog owner puts ads on the blog (Adsense strict policy must be followed when placing ads (meaning no deceptive ads are allowed for example)) and when reader clicks on the ad the owner gets a part of the payment (around 68% revenue share). So each time the ads are clicked the owner gets payed. More visitors means more potential clicks which means more potential revenue. Pretty easy? Quite so. You just need quality content that would attract visitors.

Note: First you need to apply for Adsense. Publishers are not automatically accepted. Also, to be accepted in the program you will need your own domain and hosting (shared hosting like WordPress is not allowed).

5. Sell your space

If you have a great blog with lots of repeat readers, there may be people out there willing to pay for a guest spot on your blog.

It will take some searching and queries to find the right blogger, but it is an option to check out. This not only helps you make some money, but can also lead to backlinks and a great working relationship with a fellow blogger.

6. Provide private access

With your own domain-name, some plug-ins and good software, you can build space to accompany your blog that readers can access for a small fee.

This may mean private forums, extra posts or articles, a newsletter etc., but as with selling your content, it should be worth what you charge and how much effort you put into its maintenance. As with anything, it will take trial and error over time.


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