How can I buy shares in ripple?


Buying Ripple shares is possible but not an easy task because they are not a publicly traded company and have limited information. Stocks are issued to board members, employees, and investors who are accredited. In this post, you will learn all you need to know about buying Ripple shares.


Can I buy Ripple stock?

Of course, you can. But you must be a qualified investor, which under the law of the United States of America, stipulates that one must possess assets of at least $1 million.

Where Can I buy Ripple Stock?

If you are interested and qualified, then the two secondary markets you can buy Ripple’s stock are;

  • SharesPost
  • EquityZen

Things you need to know about Ripple Stock

These are things you should learn about before splashing the cash on the Ripple stock. As an investor, do your homework and think things through before taking any decision.

  • Ripple isn’t a publicly traded company yet.
  • Broker fees are higher because stock isn’t publicly traded.
  • You might not get concrete information that an insider would.
  • The US laws will not protect you when you purchase Ripple stocks the way other investors that go for publicly traded stocks are protected.
  • Information you might get concerning the company’s shares might be misleading

Wrapping it up

The technology and idea behind Ripple are promising. Most investors see it as a promising cryptocurrency because of the mode of operation. The above factors are for prospective investors to know what they are going into, and not to tarnish the image of the cryptocurrency’s stock.


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